Steering Assembly Line

  • Semi Auto Assembly line to assemble Steering’s using precision tools.
  • Manufacturing data is stored in server with Complete Traceability Pc System.

Lever Assembly Machine

  • We design and develop a assembly line to assembly Signal Lever and Wiper Lever for German branded car
  • The line integrated with vision system to monitor the assembly process
  • The Bow feeder and Cartesian robot is use for auto loading, assembly and unloading
  • Auto gluing and grease dispenser
  • Final inspection station with vision system, function test and laser mark for bar code

Needle Bearing Press Machine

  • Press needle bearing into housing.
  • With force and distance during the press in process, all data is linked to a pc and saved in a server.
  • Generate barcode labels when process is completed

Tie Rod Assembly Machine

  • Assemble Tie Rod into the rack.
  • Using Bosch tightening tools with torque and angle control
  • Data saved into the server for traceability.

System Integration

  • We have an experience PLC programmer to develop PLC program and HMI
  • We also have an experience PC programmer to develop the customize software for special application

Cover Screw Assembly Machine

  • Assemble the cover to the housing.
  • Use precision bosch tightening tools with torque and angie control

Scalpel Assembly Machine

  • Assembly of surgical knife to its PVC handle & covering the knife with the cap
  • Fully automated machine

Press Fit Technology


  • We developed a number of Press fit machine which is integrate with either hydraulic system, hydro-pneumatic  or servo press.
  • It also integrate with Force and Distance monitoring equipment to monitor the pressing process to ensure the pressing force and depth that is within the specification.

 Column Assembly Line

  • We also develop many Column assembly line for oversea customer
  • The manufacturing data is stored in server with complete Traceability System
  • The assembly line also consists of the test bench, such as Rotating Torque test and Sliding Force Test.


 Catheter Coating Machine


  • We develop many types of equipment and machine for medical industries
  • The automatic Catheter Coating machine is one of our successful design with high output to reduce the man power and production cost
  • We also have many years experience and know how to Tip forming machine, eye punch and many types of customize machine for medical industries



Polycord Welding Machine


  • Other than focus in Automotive and Medical industries, we also capable to design the machinery for other industries, depends on customer enquiry and help them on reducing the dependent on man power and also to increase productivity
  • Polycord Welding machine is one of the example, which is dependent on a lot of man power


Tightening Technology


  • The tightening process is one of the critical process in the product
  • We developed many tightening process, which is needed to fully monitor the tightening process, not only the tightening torque but also the tightening angle
  • We integrate the tightening process with the world leading tightening system


Testing Equipment

  • We do also develop a special test equipment, such as Sliding force Test, Rotating Torque Test and distance measurement.
  • A customize software according to specification to analyze the results.
  • A label with barcode printed on line, the layout of label designed according to customer requirement all data stored in the server with traceability system.


Word wide Supplier

  • Beside supplier customize equipment for domestic customer, we do also supplier equipment for over sea, such as Germany, China, Thailand, Singapore, Mexico and Uruguay.

PVC Catheters Production Machine


  • We have fully automated & semi automated machine.
  • 3 process in 1 machine- eye punching, tip forming & funnel assembly.
  • Can produce up to 600pcs per hour.


HME Filter Producing Machine

  • 4 Cavity HME Filter Assembly machine.
  • Maximum output = 1200pcs per hour.


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